Key Quarterly Concepts 

Key Yearly Skills to Reinforce at Home


  • Evaluate sources to support responses to inquiries

  • Source documents to determine reliability

  • Corroborate documents to identify similarities and differences

  • Contextualize events to better understand multiple perspectives and full impact of events

  • Closely read sources to determine author bias and viewpoint

  • Connect new learning to realistic situations (e.g. why groups start or end; factors that allow underdogs to succeed; current revolutions happening across the world; multiple perspectives about conflicts, etc.)

Supporting Activities

At Home

  • Discuss how current events in our local and global community in reference to the main ideas taught in 5th grade
  • Discuss the bias and reliability of news sources and advertisements that are encountered
  • Discuss how your child can responsibly excercise his/her rights
  • Watch documentaries about key topics and main ideas taught in 5th grade
  • Watch or listen to speeches and discuss what makes them effective or ineffective
  • Encourage your child to explore the resources found on the student page:


Family Field Trip Opportunities to Deepen Knowledge of 5th Grade Topics

NOTE: This is just a list to get you started, we are fortunate to live in an area filled with history. 

(Email if you have another place you would suggest we highlight.)